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We are your best choice for the sourcing of NEW MACHINERY

Our 24 years of continuous service for the Plastic Industry attest to our integrity and the dedication that we put into the completion of the projects we are entrusted by our clients. Let us know what your current needs are or what new project you are currently developing and we will gladly help you. Many companies have benefited from our support.

From an ancillary equipment to a complete manufacturing line! We have a lot of experience with turn key projects.

Send us by electronic mail details of the product that you want to manufacture, and in less than 48 hours we will present to you our proposal. We offer the optimal balance between quality, service and cost!



  • The guarantee is backed by our office in USA.
  • Use of parts manufactured by renown manufacturers.


  • Optimum quality - cost balance.
  • From an ancillary equipment to a complete manufacturing line.
  • We adjust by 100% to your needs.


  • Bi-weekly progress report.
  • Schedule of activities and manufacturing.
  • Video of the Quality Control tests.
  • Lot of spare parts for free.

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