New Injection and Blow Molds

Balance between quality, service and cost!

New Molds

The certificate and the guarantee

We are your best choice for the manufacturing of NEW MOLDS.

Our company offers you the opportunity to mix the low-cost manufacturing in Asia, with the service + the quality assurance + the design of an American company.

Our 24 years of continuous service for the Plastic Industry attest to our integrity and the dedication that we put into the completion of the projects we are entrusted by our clients. Let us know what you current needs or what new project you are currently developing and we will gladly help you. Many companies have benefited from our support.

Send us by electronic mail details of the product that you want to inject or blow, and in less than 48 hours we will present to you our quote. We offer the optimal balance between quality, service and cost!

One of the biggest advantages of working with us versus other companies, is that the factory in China is part of our group. We are partners, they are not only our suppliers or sub-contractors. This gives you more security in terms of the quality, the warranty and the service that you receive.

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  • Quality

    We use steel imported from Sweden and Japan.
    With the mold is given a certificate of the quality of the steel.
    The certificate and the guarantee are backed by our office in USA.
    Use of high precision CNC machines.

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  • Design

    Use of CAD / CAM design, engineering and manufacturing.
    Professional design of the mold structure (2D and 3D).
    Professional design of the finished product (3D).
    Use of specialized software for analyzing material flow.

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  • Service

    Bi-weekly progress report.
    Schedule of activities and manufacturing.
    Video of when the mold is tested.
    All drawings are shipped together with the mold.
    Lot of spare parts for free

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